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How long will the fabric covers last?


As you are aware, the damage caused by UV in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific can be very severe, but different locations will be affected to differing degree's.  Both our PE fabric and PVC fabric are UV stabilised to slow the deterioration process down. 

Whilst we do not offer any guarantee on length of life for your Shelter Station cover, we are confident that if you continue to care for your shelters and ensure tension is maintained at all times, you will be very happy with their performance.  It will be immediately apparent if tension has not been maintained. 

Shelter Station do offer our customers the ability to purchase new, replacement covers at a reduced rate if at any stage damage of any type has occured.

This is worth remembering if accidental damage occurs due to other circumstances.  You will most likely find it more cost effective to purchase a new cover rather than having the old one repaired.


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